Brochure designing

An e-brochure is sure to impress. This cutting edge marketing tool is more efficient than traditional printed brochures and can reach your clients with unsurpassed lightning speed. Next time a prospective client calls requesting information, thanks to concern you will truly have the advantage. While your competitor strives to put together a massive, expensive sales package, which will not reach its destination for a number of days even with the cost of express mail; the prospect will have already received your state of the art e-Brochure instantly via email, detailing your products, services and pricing. Studies have shown that rich media mails have a better response rate than text based mails. And when it comes to business, we all know the saying "time is money". Ask yourself who would you rather do business with?

By removing the print, paper and postage costs associated with traditional brochure design, an eBrochure can save you hundreds of dollars. e-Brochures can contain text, photos, images, drawings, audio and more, along with contact information, email and web site links. To view a sample of an ebrochure click here. To send an electronic interactive Brochure to your prospects, create an email add the file as an attachment and send. The brochure requires no plug-in or software to run. Just download, double click on the file icon and view, it's that simple!.

E-Brochures can also be placed on your web site for internet downloadeBrochures can also be published as digital brochures on a 3.5" diskette or cd-rom for larger brochures. You can then distribute this compact and savy brochure as you have in the past with your conventional brochures, via mail, meetings, presentations etc. The user loads the disc into their computer and the brochure self starts. The diskette maybe labeled with your business logo and contact information.

The different services offered in this area include: -

  • Brochure content development
  • Brochure design concepts / ideas
  • Brochure artwork design
  • Brochure printing and packaging

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